Whether you’re moving into a new home or just doing some minor repairs, it’s important to have the tools on hand to handle basic household tasks. Start by shopping for the basics. To help you out, here’s a list of essential tools for homeowners.

Hammers are Essential Tools for Homeowners

You’ll want two hammers in your toolbox: one heavyweight and one lightweight. This is because larger nails need to be secured with a heavier hammer, like those you might use to hold together furniture or repair roofing. Use the lightweight hammer for smaller tasks like hanging artwork.

Invest in a LED Flashlight

One of the less obvious essentials is a powerful LED flashlight. A small crank flashlight or a flashlight app on your phone is fine for general use, but the brighter light from LEDs is needed when looking into pipes or tubing or to illuminate a dark corner of the basement. And unlike your smartphone, a flashlight doesn’t need to be charged, which can be crucial during a blackout.

Essential Tools for Homeowners Include Drill and Drill Bits

An all-purpose drill, preferably a cordless, battery-powered model, is another one of the essential tools for homeowners. Drills are useful for a number of jobs, but you need to purchase a set of varied drill bits too.

A Hacksaw is a Useful Tool for Homeowners

A hacksaw is one of the absolute best tools to have for DIY maintenance. Simple hacksaws cost around $20 and are useful for cutting wood, brackets, bolts, and both plastic and metal piping. Best of all, hacksaws are easy to use as long as you wear thick gloves for safety.

A Quality Measuring Tape is Essential

If you ever need to replace an appliance, you’ll want to have a tape measure handy. A measuring tape is also useful when remodeling your house or buying new furniture.

A sturdy, metal tape measure at least 15 to 20 feet long is a good one to start with, although you may also want a smaller, more portable version to take with you when you’re shopping for furniture or appliances.

Screwdrivers Are Essential Tools for Homeowners

A screwdriver is one of the essential tools for homeowners, but just like with drill bits, it’s important to have a mixed set to handle any job. Be sure to purchase both flat-head and Phillips head screwdrivers in a variety of sizes along with a magnetic head screwdriver to deal with tiny, hard-to-handle screws.

Utility Knives Come in Handy Around the Home

As the name implies, utility knives have many functions. They can be used for anything from opening boxes to cutting carpet edges, and they are generally safer than using a pocketknife. Shop for a sturdy utility knife with a comfortable handle.

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