When you decide to sell your home, you’ll likely prepare by cleaning, decluttering, and updating the interior. A prospective buyer who drives by and isn’t impressed with your home’s exterior won’t care about what you’ve done on the inside. Consider these ways to improve curb appeal before putting your home on the market.

Simple Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

1. Wash the Outside

A fresh coat of paint will completely transform your home, but if you don’t have repainting in the budget, freshen up the exterior with a pressure wash. A pressure washer will remove dirt and grime to make your home look newer and well-maintained.

While you’re washing up, clean the windows, the guttering, and downspouts. Use the pressure washer on the deck, patio, sidewalks, walkways, and driveway to give the entire property a fresh, clean look.

2. Clean the Yard to Improve Curb Appeal

The yard is definitely an area buyers will notice. Keep your grass cut, put fresh mulch down, and prune the shrubs to instantly improve curb appeal. Add grass seed to any bare spots, pull weeds, and mow on a regular basis to maintain a tidy lawn.

3. Spruce up the Mailbox

An attractive mailbox improves the exterior of your home. A simple way to improve curb appeal is to install a new mailbox or upgrade to a custom design. An alternative option is to give your current mailbox a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and new house numbers.

4. Improve Curb Appeal with Color

Add some color to your property with flowers. Build flower beds or plant colorful blooms in pots placed strategically along walkways and on porches. Purchase window boxes for the front of the house and plant bright, seasonal flowers to draw interest.

5. Repairs to the Outside

Improve curb appeal by repairing exterior issues like crooked or broken shutters, chipped paint, cracked asphalt in the driveway, and old deck boards or siding. Addressing these relatively minor problems shows that your home is cared for and buyers will be more interested in your property.

6. The Roof Affects Curb Appeal

Don’t ignore the importance of a clean and well-maintained roof. Shingles might fall off during a storm or curl as they age. Spend a day cleaning the roof, replacing shingles, and repairing damages. Because a new roof is costly, the condition of the roof is often a concern for homebuyers. Show that your home is well-maintained by tackling roofing issues before listing your home for sale.

An attractive exterior lets buyers know that the home is cared for and move-in ready. Follow these tips to improve curb appeal, gain attention for your home, and sell your property quickly.

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