Your front door is one of the most important elements of your home’s security. It’s the primary point of entry and exit, and it’s essential to keep it secure. Protect your family and belongings with these tips to improve front door security.

Install a Deadbolt to Improve Front Door Security

Deadbolt locks provide an extra layer of security for entryway doors. They are more secure than regular spring bolt locks because they cannot be easily manipulated or opened with a credit card. A deadbolt lock is installed separately from the doorknob and requires a key to open.

Use a Reinforced Door

A reinforced door is a good investment to protect your home. Doors made of solid wood or metal are stronger, better insulating, and more resistant to break-ins than hollow-core doors. You might also install a metal door frame, making it even more difficult to damage the frame and break into your home.

Install a Door Viewer to Improve Front Door Security

A door viewer or peephole lets you see who is at your front door before you open it. A viewer is a great security measure, especially if you are not expecting a visitor.

Use Motion-Activated Lights to Improve Front Door Security

Motion-activated lights are an effective deterrent to burglars. The lights turn on automatically when movement is detected, boosting security and improving safety for you and your family.

Consider a Smart Lock

Smart locks offer an additional layer of security to your front door. Control your door locks with your smartphone via an app or a key fob. You can also remotely grant access to visitors or service providers. Some smart locks have additional features, including a camera that allows you to see who is at your front door.

Keep the Door Locked

It may seem obvious, but many burglars enter through unlocked doors. Make sure your entryway doors are locked at all times, even when you are at home.

Improve Front Door Security: Reinforce the Latch Plate

The latch plate of your front door is an easy target for a burglar. Secure it with long screws that reach into the wall stud. A secure latch will make it more difficult for someone to kick in your front door.

Securing the entryway doors is important in protecting your home from intruders. With these tips, you can boost front door security and have peace of mind that your home is safe for you and your family.

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