Everyone enjoys relaxing in a clean home at the end of a busy day, but the tasks necessary to maintain a tidy environment can be time-consuming. Read below to discover eight cleaning tricks to keep your home spotless.

Clean a Little Each Day to Keep a Spotless Home

Cleaning is more manageable when broken down into small daily tasks. Instead of trying to do everything at once, tackle a few smaller cleaning tasks (dusting, cleaning the toilet, wiping the counters) on a daily rotation. Save the bigger tasks, such as cleaning the oven, scrubbing the walls, and washing the linens, for weekly and monthly deep cleaning.

Have Cleaning Supplies on Hand

The most basic cleaning trick is to keep cleaning supplies, like antibacterial wipes, dust rags, and all-purpose cleaning spray, in every room of your home. If cleaning supplies are easily accessible, you’re more likely to use them.

Set a Timer to Clean

Doing a little cleaning every day helps you keep a spotless home. Help yourself stay motivated by setting a ten-minute timer for a speed-clean at the end of the day.

Use Lemon for the Sink

The citric acid in lemons makes for an effective cleaning agent for your chrome sink and fixtures. Squeeze lemon on the faucet and inside the sink, let it sit for a minute, wipe it down with warm water, rinse, and dry the fixtures with a soft cloth.

Line the Fridge Shelves to Keep a Spotless Home

Scrubbing build-up and grime from the fridge shelves can be an arduous process. Save yourself the hassle with this cleaning hack. Line the shelves and drawers with plastic wrap. To keep the fridge spotless, replace the plastic once a week.

Keep a Spotless Home: Use the Sun to Freshen Sheets

Hanging your sheets and towels in the sun is a simple way to dry the linens, save money on the power bill, and keep them smelling fresh.

Use Storage Baskets

Keep a few small containers for loose odds and ends in every room of your home. Before people arrive, do a quick walkthrough and toss miscellaneous clutter out of sight and into the baskets to put away later.

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