Homeowners want to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year without incurring high monthly energy bills. One way to attain this is by installing new energy-efficient windows. But, it can be quite costly, and not everyone has the budget. Fortunately, you can use other inexpensive ways to make your existing windows more energy efficient. Here are a few alternatives to purchasing new windows that help you save energy at home.

Seal Air Leaks to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

Older windows often experience air leaks. These leaks allow heated air to escape or enter your home, making the HVAC system work overtime to maintain an optimal temperature. The over-used HVAC system will eventually break down or wear out more quickly. To locate an air leak, close the doors and windows in your home on a windy day. Use a lit candle or an incense stick to check for airflow around windows and doors. Follow the movement of the smoke to determine the location of leaks. Use weatherstripping and caulking to seal these gaps and cracks effectively.

Upgrade the Window Frames

It may be time to inspect if you don’t recall the last time you repaired or replaced your window frames. Window frames, especially wooden ones, decay over time. Damaged window frames allow air to enter or escape your home, leading to much higher electricity bills. Repair or replace the window frames to prevent air leaks. Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass frames are some of the most energy-efficient materials on the market.

Install Window Treatments

Another way to boost the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing your current ones is by using window treatments. Shades, blinds, and drapes help you prevent heat loss during the winter and offer sun protection in summer. Keep the curtains open to let sunlight in to warm the house. Close them when it’s hot outside to block radiant heat. To maximize energy efficiency, combine blinds with heavy curtains.

Use Exterior Shutters to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

Exterior shutters can help you save energy at home by blocking out the sun, making them ideal for people living in warm climates. Shutters prevent the sun from heating your home, and your family can stay cool without having to adjust the thermostat, saving energy.

Hire a professional to guarantee your shutters are measured and installed correctly. If you have enough money, opt for the more modern ones that allow you to open and close them inside your home or via a remote.

If the above tricks fail to keep the cold or warm air out, it may be time to purchase energy-efficient windows. New windows can be costly initially, but the results will be worthwhile later. You will save energy and significantly lower your utility bills every month. Not to mention your heating and cooling system will last longer because it doesn’t need to work as hard. Hire a professional when you’re ready for new, energy-efficient windows.

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