The possibility of mold in the house is a concern for homeowners. Mold growth is common and it may be impacting your home and health. Learning about the signs of mold growth in your home is the first step toward determining if action is needed.

The Potential Impacts of Mold Growth

In an outdoor environment, mold assists in the natural decomposition of many organic materials. When it is inside your home, it can damage and deteriorate surfaces. Exposure to mold can also cause health issues. Look for these signs to determine whether there may be mold growth in your home.

1. Areas with Water Damage

When areas remain damp for a period of time, the risk of mold increases. Water damage does not necessarily indicate there is mold growth in your home, but it is a sign that closer examination is in order. To prevent water damage and avoid mold, thoroughly dry any wet areas as soon as possible. If it’s serious enough, call a professional for water remediation services.

2. Visible Areas of Mold Growth

Mold grows in different patterns and mold species have various shades, but the most concerning color of mold is black. If you notice black mold growth in areas of your home, a mold test is essential. Keep in mind that some mold grows minimally on the surface, but the damage may be widespread in areas that you cannot see.

3. Physical Symptoms of Exposure to Mold

Some people react to mold exposure more than others. If you or your family members exhibit health symptoms that worsen at home, it is possible that you are dealing with mold in your home. Some of the more common symptoms include skin rashes, fever, fatigue, respiratory problems, and memory loss.

4. A Mold Inspection Test

Hiring an inspector to test for mold is an easy way to determine if mold is an issue. This test will indicate if you have mold growth in your home, what type of mold is growing, and where it is located. This information can be used by a professional mold remediator to address the situation.

Pay attention to these signs of mold. If you notice these signs and suspect you have a mold problem, contact Assure Inspections Inc. for mold testing and remediation.