To add life to your outdoor space, hanging baskets and potted plants are a great choice. Whether you want to grow fruits, herbs, or flowers, let’s look at a few of the best plants for your patio. Below are popular options and tips for caring for them.

Hanging Plants for Your Patio

Fuchsia Plants for Your Patio

Fuchsia is attractive in hanging baskets, producing vibrant purple and pink or pink and white flowers. They attract hummingbirds to the patio and bloom all summer. Fuchsias like bright, indirect light and grow well in partly shaded areas. Water your fuchsia frequently, but don’t allow the plant to sit in water.


Lobelia is a small flower that blooms in shades of purple, blue, pink, white, and red. It has a trailing growth habit, ideal for hanging baskets and wall planters. When starting lobelia from seed, place the seeds along the edges of the basket so the plants will flow over the sides. Add moss to your planter to keep the soil moist throughout the summer months.


Begonias tolerate both sunlight and shade and are easy to care for; they are perfect for beginners or someone who wants a low-maintenance plant. There are different types of begonias, so if you’re hoping to grow them in hanging baskets, purchase the trailing begonia. Their branches can grow up to 8 feet long and produce colorful flowers.

Container Plants for Your Patio

Ferns for Your Outdoor Living Space

Ferns are an understated but elegant plant for your deck, porch, or patio. They grow best in the shade and can be planted together with other plants in one pot for an aesthetically pleasing look. There are many species of ferns, so there’s truly something for everyone. Ferns are versatile and can be grown in hanging baskets or vertical wall planters.

Ranunculus Bulbs

If you enjoy brightly-colored flowers, you’ll enjoy Ranunculus for your patio. Each bulb can produce multiple flowers, and they only require light watering. They love the sun and, once cut, can last for up to 10 days in a vase. The flowers bloom in various colors, from deep reds and purples to pastel pinks. They’re an excellent option for homeowners with a color scheme for their patio.

Basil and Other Herbs

Basil is a popular summer herb that grows best in well-drained soil and with a lot of sunshine. Growing herbs in containers is easy, and you can add others like mint, oregano, and thyme to round out your collection. Remember to regularly harvest with pruners or herb snips to encourage new growth. Herbs are great plants for your patio because they smell refreshing and do well in the sun.

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