To be safe, your home needs a secure structure with a solid foundation. A property might develop issues that seem minor at first but can worsen if left unaddressed. Look for these signs of structural problems in your home to fix them before they become costly and dangerous.

The Doors and Windows Are Not Working Well

Structural problems in the home may become apparent by the doors and windows not working properly. Some of these signs are:

  • Doors and windows that are difficult to open and close
  • Doors that will not stay closed
  • Doors or windows that will not lock
  • The door and window frames are coming apart from the wall

Foundational settling or termite damage are two of the problems that could be affecting the operation of your doors and windows.

Structural Problems in Your Home Can Develop in the Roof

Some of the most serious roofing issues are structural in nature. Water damage causes the deterioration of structural components. Have a yearly roofing inspection to identify any areas of water intrusion and keep tabs on the general condition of the roof.

Signs of Structural Problems in Your Home in the Walls and Ceiling

Your ceilings and walls may develop noticeable cracks. These include cracks that come from the corners of your windows or doors. Some cracks may also appear at the drywall seams. These structural problems may develop from the house settling.

The settling process is when the home gradually sinks as the soil under the foundation shifts. Settling is normal and does not always result in a significant issue. However, since it can lead to foundation damage, it’s best to hire a professional to evaluate whether your house is at risk.

The Floor Looks or Feels Different

The floors around your property might start to look different from usual:

  • Some spots around your floor might start to sag.
  • You may see cracks in some floor tiles.
  • The floor is sloping slightly.

Cracked or deteriorated structural joists beneath the floors are usually the cause of these signs and should be replaced.

Pay attention to signs of a structural issue on your property so you can address them as soon as possible.

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