With the amount of money you have invested in your home, you’ll want to care good care of your purchase. A little planning and effort go a long way in making sure your home is protected and well-maintained. Here are a few easy things you can do to be a better homeowner.

Set a Schedule for Chores

It’s easy to overlook a chore or forget a task simply because it’s not on your calendar. Be a better homeowner by setting up a chore schedule so every family member knows what their responsibilities are. Writing each chore down and determining a specific time to get it done is a helpful way to keep your home running smoothly.

Be a Better Homeowner by Registering Appliances

Most appliances, electronics, and power tools you purchase come with a warranty. Typically, you’ll need to register the item with the manufacturer via mail or on the internet. Take the time to complete the registration forms for new products and appliances. You will be protected under the warranty even if you lose your receipt. It’s also helpful because manufacturers can contact you about any product recalls.

Install Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting improves curb appeal, deters burglars, and helps you see outside the home at night. Use solar lights along your driveway and paths. Illuminate your porch with new lighting and install motion-detecting lights near all your entryways and garage.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

Talk to your neighbors and contact local law enforcement to ask about setting up a neighborhood watch program. This is a simple and effective way to make sure all homes are looked after by neighbors working together.

Use Less Energy to Be a Better Homeowner

Reduce your energy usage and save money on your power bill. One way to accomplish this goal is to install an energy-efficient dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator. Look for opportunities to reduce drafts by caulking around windows and doors and adding more attic insulation.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Improve the appearance of your bathroom. You might upgrade the toilet to a water-saving model, install an attractive new faucet, add a bathtub, or update your light fixtures. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to freshen up any room. You can also shop for new flooring materials for a complete bathroom remodel.

Be a Better Homeowner: Improve Curb Appeal

Boosting curb appeal isn’t just a project for a home seller. Improvements to the exterior of your home will make you proud of your property. Keep the lawn well-manicured. Paint the front door a new color. Trim shrubs and trees. Install a more attractive garage door and edge the walkways.

Update the Home with New Paint

Which rooms in your home need a little refreshing? Get the entire family involved in an interior painting project. It doesn’t require much skill to prep the walls and paint a room to improve your interior space.

Taking care of your property and being a better homeowner go hand-in-hand. These are simple projects for you and your family to tackle that will make your home nicer and help maintain the value of your investment.

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