Easy Home Renovation Ideas You Can Do in a Day

Renovating is an exciting process that allows you to update and personalize your house. Even small changes can completely change the look of a home, and these updates don’t have to be expensive. Here are fast and easy home renovation ideas you can accomplish over a weekend.

Install a Backsplash

Give your kitchen more personality and dimension by installing a backsplash. This easy home renovation project can be done with a variety of materials that include stick-on vinyl, peel-and-stick tile, glass, and faux brick. You can even use inexpensive, metal ceiling tiles to give your kitchen a modern look. One of the greatest benefits of a stick-on backsplash is that it can be removed if you want to change the appearance of your kitchen in the future.

Paint the Cabinets for an Easy Home Renovation

Painting your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets is an easy way to update the rooms and enhance the visual appeal of your home’s interior. Choose colors that appeal to you. Light colors are nice in the kitchen to brighten and enliven the room. Coordinate your color choice with your current décor, and if you’re up for a slightly larger project, paint the ceilings to completely change the look of the space.

Create a Pallet Wall

Pallets give any wall a rich, textured look that changes the ambiance of the room. Select a beautiful dark stain to give the space a rustic feeling, or choose a brighter color to amplify the light in the room. A few of the most appealing places to install a pallet wall are at the end of a hallway, the focal wall in the living room, or on the wall behind a bed. This project is surprisingly easy, costs barely anything, and you can complete it in a day. Choose pallets that haven’t been treated with chemicals. Look for a stamp with the letters HT on the wood to ensure that it has been heat-treated, which is safer for indoor use.

Improve the Yard

Spruce up the yard by incorporating colorful perennials in flower beds with long-lasting annuals. This is a fast and easy way to rejuvenate the look of your home’s exterior. Some of the best summer-blooming perennials to plant in your yard include Shasta daisies, hardy hibiscus, lavender, and black-eyed Susans. Phlox is another excellent perennial flower choice that’s great for gardens or areas that need ground cover. To multiply the number of flowers your gardens produce, learn how to divide your perennials. You can spread the plants throughout the landscape.

Easy Ideas for Home Renovations

Home renovations require creativity and a little hard work, but you’ll create more enjoyable living spaces and boost the value of your property. You can install a backsplash to protect the wall, give a room a warm rustic touch with a pallet wall, and transform your yard with colorful flower combinations that also improve your home’s curb appeal.

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