The Benefits of HEPA Filters in the Home

The Origins of HEPA Filters

HEPA filters were originally invented in the 1940s for nuclear facilities to remove radioactive particles from the air and protect their workers. Next, they started being used in hospitals and medical facilities to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. In 2020, they have grown in popularity and demand. Businesses have begun using air purifiers with HEPA filters to help reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19 and make indoor spaces safer for customers. They also are more commonly used in homes than ever before.

What Do HEPA Filters Remove?

A filter can only be labeled as a true HEPA if it meets certain criteria. The filter must collect 99.97% of particles that are .3 microns or larger. True HEPA filters remove viruses, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, particulates from smoke, dust, mold, and other airborne particles.

HEPA Filters in the Home for HVAC

All HVAC systems have an air filter, however, there are different types to choose from. You’ll pay more for a true HEPA HVAC filter, but it is exponentially better at removing particulates and pollutants from the air within your home. Because HEPA filters collect more pollutants, they will need to be replaced more frequently.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum that uses a HEPA filter is a great investment to keep your home safer and clean. It is especially valuable to households with pets and allergy sufferers. A HEPA filter vacuum removes the smallest particles and keeps them from circulating within the indoor air.

HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers are portable devices that clean the air in a room. They are rated by how much square footage in which they’ll be effective. You’ll need to purchase replacement pre-filters and HEPA filters so that you can change the filters as needed. Once the filter is dirty, the purifier will not operate effectively.

HEPA air purifiers are important devices for homes undergoing construction, those with pets, and those whose family members have allergies or who have tested positive for coronavirus.

True HEPA and HEPA-Like

Some companies label their products as HEPA-like which means it is not a true HEPA filter. Don’t be fooled by imitations and make sure you purchase a true HEPA HVAC filter, vacuum, or air purifier.

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