According to researchers at the University of California, Davis, wellness is the “active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.” Being healthy and well requires intention, and your home is a great place to start practicing better habits. Let’s look at some of the best ways to promote wellness at home.

1. Check for Mold

Look for signs of mold growth in your home. You may see stripes or spots of color on the shower curtain, in the bathtub, or beneath a sink. You may also smell a damp, musty odor, which is likely mold. If your living spaces have experienced water damage, you’re more susceptible to mold.

If you have a mold issue, get professional assistance to mitigate the problem as soon as possible. Mold can cause health symptoms including sneezing, red eyes, skin irritation, and headaches. Newborns, asthma sufferers, and the elderly are the most susceptible to problems caused by mold exposure.

2. Change Air Filters to Promote Wellness at Home

When the HVAC unit circulates air throughout your home, the air passes through a filter. When your air filters are filled with dust, dirt, and debris, the HVAC unit has to work harder to move the cooled or heated air. It will also recirculate those irritants in your home, exacerbating allergies and asthma.

Promoting wellness at home includes addressing air quality indoors. Some manufacturers suggest changing the HVAC filter every 30 days, while certain filters can be changed every few months. Refer to your owner’s manual to understand what your system needs.

3. Filter the Water

If you and your family members are drinking unfiltered water, you may be ingesting contaminants like chlorine, lead, and other pollutants. Consider buying a water filtration system for household drinking water. Some of the most popular options are pitcher filters and filters that attach to the faucet.

If you have hard water, it can damage your hair and skin when you shower. It’s also more difficult to get laundry clean in hard water. Install a whole-house filtration system designed specifically to soften the water.

4. Sanitize Your Living Spaces

Especially now, it’s important to keep your home sanitized. To help combat illness, pay attention to the rooms that are used most frequently. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway.

Dilute bleach with water to make a solution for spraying down surfaces and killing germs. Get your family members into the habit of washing their hands frequently, especially when they’ve returned home after running errands.

5. Clean Regularly for Wellness at Home

Whether you choose to make your own cleaning products or purchase commercial ones, develop a cleaning schedule so that dust and grime don’t accumulate. Wipe down surfaces immediately after use.

Don’t wait for spring cleaning to deep-clean areas like the bathtubs and the refrigerator. Clearing everything out of the refrigerator every two weeks makes cleaning and grocery shopping much easier.

There are many ways to actively promote wellness in the home. Start incorporating these tips to improve your health and well-being. You and your family will enjoy the benefits and discover new ways to cultivate wellness in other areas of your life.

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